Roughly four million veterans served in the longest military operations in United States history in Iraq and Afghanistan. The National Academy of Sciences assembled a committee to evaluate the Department of Veteran Affairs Mental Health Services – after a congressional mandate. 

A Consensus Study Report of The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine provided a comprehensive assessment of the quality, capacity, and access to mental health care services and the barriers faced by veterans utilizing these VA services. These veterans served in the armed forces in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. The report consisted of four hundred and sixty seven pages.

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The bravest people in front of us are those who fight battles we know nothing about.

While the VA provides critical veteran care, unfortunately, the report also concluded that nearly half of American veterans who need mental health care don’t get it. The Academies report also concluded that twenty three percent of veterans believed that their mental healthcare provider looks down on them, and twenty one percent indicated they do not feel welcome in their mental health provider’s office. That is why “The Brain Performance Center is committed to welcoming, working with, healing and enhancing the brain and the lives of veterans and their families” says Leigh Richardson, CEO and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center. “Veterans and first responders have sacrificed so much defending our freedom and safety, that they all greatly deserve our support.”

To greatly advance their commitment to veterans and first responders, the Brain Performance Center™ has partnered with HungryGenius® Holdings to develop The Star Fund. The primary objectives of this fund is to disrupt the status quo, develop collaborative new relationships in order to provide desperately needed funding to treat wounded combat veterans and first responders who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

“The creation of The Star Fund by The Brain Performance Center is the type of ingenuity we advocate for at the National Association for Veterans Rights (NAVR),” says former Acting VA Secretary Peter O’Rourke. “Providing crucial mental health care to our veterans and first responders is critically important and the Star Fund is an excellent example of how powerful collaborative efforts between organizations such as the Brain Performance Center and Veteran communities can be.”

The Star Fund is seeking large donor partners who will provide financial aid which will be used to cover the costs of care and services to veterans and first responders who suffer from these conditions.  

After recently touring the collaboration between Parker Performance Institute, the state of the art world-class Baylor Scott and White Sports Therapy and Research facility at The Star in Frisco, Texas, created through the vision of Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, president and general manager, Leigh Richardson stated that; “We believe Brain Performance Center’s Star Fund has the potential to greatly compliment such a magnificent collaboration. It would be unprecedented for a 300,000 square foot rehabilitation facility of this kind to begin serving our veteran and first responder heroes who are so desperately seeking alternative care and services.” 

“Far too many veterans and first responders who have defended and proudly served our great nation are severely struggling with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and suicide,” says Leigh Richardson, Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center. We help our heroes get their brains back into a regulated state, and provide them the mental health care and treatment they so desperately deserve.”

The need is immense, however, Brain Performance Center is more committed than ever to provide our heroes with the care and treatment they so greatly deserve. Brain Performance Center listens to and engages with veterans and first responders who have incurred traumatic brain injuries, post traumatic stress and other invisible wounds. “We closely track our patient outcomes” say’s Richardson, Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas. “Leveraging evidence based patient centered data, the Brain Performance Center insures that the correct adjustments are consistently and constantly made so we keep our patients moving in the right direction. It is also important to include family members in the treatment, decision making and healing process.

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