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Dallas, Texas, USA                                                                               
March 28, 2024

As a solutions driven executive leader, Dr. Leigh E. Richardson has achieved an incredibly prestigious achievement and milestone, by receiving her hard-earned Doctorate Degree. 

As a brain health expert, Founder and CEO of the Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Richardson leads her organization with strength, courage and action, constantly seeking tangible innovations to amplify brain health capabilities, and socially, the drivers of human performance.

Consistently seeking newly founded innovations for brain health disorders, Dr. Richardson’s Brain Performance Center and Brain Performance Institute are on a mission to discover proven solutions that rejuvenates the brain to recovery. 

“It’s evident that conventional venture capital economic models have been somewhat harmful to our brain innovation market” says Dr. Richardson. “Profit motives drive the financiers who are focused on the investors. Seemingly, maximizing value for their shareholders is their number one priority, while successful results for long-term societal brain health becomes secondary and takes a back seat. Our Brain Capital Initiative delivers tangible converging global innovations, which accelerate client brain health healing and recovery, helping to future-proof and optimize the brain, which is and will always remain our number one top priority.”

A new economic model for the Brain Capital Economy is needed that prioritizes the most important societal asset: the brain. Brain Performance Center and its Brain Capital Initiative are committed to developing such a model. 

Weaving together the necessary refinements, information, actions and solutions will greatly advance and assist in developing state of the art neuroscientific innovations. 

These socially responsible mental health developments will accelerate brain recovery breakthroughs, policies, diplomacy and finance. Innovations that will greatly advance the overall Brain Capital Initiative in addition to assisting many crucial areas of Brain Capital such as the cognitive neuroscience studies for example, that will help to explain how the mind and brain are meshed.

Brain Performance Center is a Texas Corporation, located on the web at: As a brain health expert, Dr. Leigh E. Richardson, MS, NCC, BCN, BCB, CCTP is a renown key note speaker who regularly contributes to radio and television stations across the nation providing the appropriate organic brain health solutions. Leigh is located on the web at: Brain Performance Institute is located on the web at: