AI is neither artificial nor intelligent, and thus is the key reason why we must continue to craft innovative brain capital solutions which are paramount to achieving and overcoming sustainable societal challenges. 

It’s been said that AI has hacked the operating system of human civilization. As we think about the brain as the operating system and how AI influences this system individually and collectively and how the brain makes decisions and behaves, it’s quite evident that Brain Capital Investment has become an essential and tangible asset.  

“We must focus on human capital and brain performance and regard Brain Capital as a key National Asset” says Leigh E. Richardson, CEO and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center located in Dallas, Texas. “Our economy and wellbeing are under siege by brain health disorders. Investing in Brain Capital, returns crucial dividends for individuals, business and society, all of which insure our economy flourishes.” 

The World Health Organization estimates by 2030 that half of the worldwide economic impact of disability will specifically be brain related. Globally, brain disorders will exceed all other diseases. However, as breakout discoveries in neuroscience are being realized and medical science and public health reach new milestones, brain illness and prevention can be used in the same sentence. 

Leigh Richardson, a Brain Health Expert and Founder and CEO of Brain Performance Center understands the criticality or significance of the human brain is hard to displace. “As the world becomes increasingly reliant on brain performance, ultimately, the battle for brain health is an essential part of our local, regional and national economic security.”

Brain Performance Center and Brain Performance Institute work with global leaders through executive awareness training. BPC and BPI promote economic resilience, and brain skills that greatly advance brain health expertise to develop a competitive and differential advantage. 

“We encourage world class corporate leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs etc., to join and collaborate with us as we advance Brain Performance Institute’s, strategic landscape such as the Star Fund Project under development that positively impacts brain and social health, and well being of veterans and first responders. Say Leigh Richardson. “The Institute’s mission is to consistently and constantly develop brain capital techniques and strategies that positively influence educational, institutional and economic opportunities.”  

Brain Performance Center is a Texas Corporation, located on the web at: As a brain health expert, Leigh E. Richardson, MS, NCC, BCN, BCB, CCTP regularly contributes to radio and television stations across the nation providing the appropriate organic brain health solutions. Leigh is located on the web at: