Invest in Brain Capital

Invest in Brain Capital

“The STAR Fund has taken a fresh approach and created a new investment opportunity that solves existential brain challenges. Brain Capital Investment is critical to ensuring and improving societal health and economic growth and prosperity”
~ Leigh E. Richardson 

A New Brain Capital Model is emerging onto the global stage that’s linking brain based innovations with economics. It appears that by mitigating brain challenges, we can help to ensure and improve our societal health and economic growth. 

“We all should be investing in brain capital,” says brain health expert Leigh Richardson, CEO and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center. “When we weave Brain Capital Investment and Technology into our economy, we’re advancing the future of human creativity, productivity, mental health and our mental well being.”

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, society and the economy have become more turbulent. Brain Capital is the new oil. Investing in mental brain health science and technologies that make us human, that technology cannot, deliver a long-term boost to economic and societal resistance. 

“Brain capital – the reservoir of cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the population – is the indispensable driver of today’s economy and the future of work. Yet our economy and wellbeing are under siege by brain and mental health disorders and threatened by AI, which offers potential benefits but also threats of job disruption and dislocation. For these reasons, investing in brain capital at every life stage will return crucial dividends for the economic flourishing of individuals, businesses, and society.” – Michael Platt, Ph.D. Director, Wharton Neuroscience Initiative

A number of boutique funds, such as the dementia fund, Alzheimer’s drug discovery etc., are now available to help connect brain science and build better business and to help solve the world’s brain challenges. It makes sense to improve brain health and financially engineer the pursuit of brain building and invest in new ways to solve the unprecedented challenges the world is facing.

The world is evolving rapidly and the quality of life directly depends on the ability to properly manage information around us. Information overload is taxing and creates exhaustion and anxiety to name a few. The shear amount of information that needs to be processed and the problems that need to be solved can be quite overwhelming. Finding and putting the right information to use is crucial. 

Brain Performance Center is amplifying the importance of neuroscience principles like neuroplasticity that helps us all navigate through change, refines the way we think and strengthens personal as well as professional and organizational resilience, leadership development and overall brain performance.” Leigh Richardson

As shareholders and their companies chase returns at the detriment of brain health, the status quo must be disrupted constantly. Responsible innovation demands a disciplined approached as brain based economics accelerate. 

“There has never been a higher demand for leaders who drive innovation and can quickly adapt to change. Their’s never been a better time for the STAR FUND” says Leigh Richardson. The STAR FUND will provide desperately needed brain health care funding to treat wounded combat veterans and first responders who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Brain Performance Center is a Texas Corporation, located on the web at: As a brain health expert, Leigh regularly contributes to radio and television stations across the nation providing the appropriate organic brain health solutions. Leigh is located on the web at: