IRVING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 — ZONTOS the Hydrogen Water Company™ born in South Africa, headquartered in Woodlands, Texas becomes a proud Diamond Sponsor of the East Africa Business Network’s (EABN) 17th Annual Global Investment and Trade Conference held each year in Irving, TX. Zontos Founder Dean Allen says “Zontos Hydrogen Water revolutionizes the health industry by redeeming future health in granting freedom to the immune system.” “Our revolutionary technology creates the highest parts per million (PPM) levels through our new Z3 Hydrogen Water Generator and people are experiencing real tangible health benefits by drinking Zontos Hydrogen Water” says Allen, as the Hydrogen Water Company seeks to scale its distributor network around the world.

Serving a diverse worldwide community, Breakin’Out® Vision365™ breaks down barriers, shares stories, blends religions and cultures of people from all social and economic statuses to create a tapestry of harmony and prosperity. Fueling rapid economic innovation over a dynamic global landscape, Breakin’Out® Vision365™ is a robust, technological and promotional platform driven by companies that align with similar and exceptional values.

“We’ve successfully developed a global hub for international trade and investment for the EABN through Breakin’Out® Vision365™ and it’s tremendous storytelling engine. We provide our corporate donor and sponsor partnerships the ability to seamlessly fill our storytelling hopper with positive and good news ingredients. Through this powerful engine, we have the ability to produce and distribute thousands of highly sought after socially good stories and positive content from all around the world each and every day. More importantly, Breakin’Out® Vision365™ shares stories with a global audience who are desperately craving content driven by the light”, says Shawnaleah Epps, Chief Strategy Officer at HungryGenius® Holdings.


The EACC began in 2005 with a group of American investors and business leaders and has served the East African Community (EAC) over the past seventeen years successfully providing international trade and investment opportunities through our annual conference attended by Ambassadors, Parliament Members, Governors and prominent business leaders around the world. By 2013 annual trade and investment conferences began featuring global industry leaders highlighting sustainable solutions across major industries such as mobile finance, agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, education, healthcare, women’s leadership, real estate and clean water. In 2022, the East Africa Chamber of Commerce pivoted globally as a 501(c)(6) “Business League” to become the East Africa Business Network facilitating major investments in initiatives that are simply, socially, good.

Breakin’Out® PR and Breakin’Out® Vision365™ are part of HungryGenius® Holdings—a multi award winning company and proud member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and a member of the EABN.

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