We are excited to announce the launch of Breakin’Out® Vision365™, just one of the products in a new family of promotional services for your business.  So what exactly is Breakin’Out® Vision365™?

It’s actually that and more! Breakin’Out® Vision365™ is a one year promotion broken down into quarters, designed to run along side your branded/strategic message for that quarter. The messaging can be adjusted from quarter to quarter or as needed to ensure your approach with your PR remains aligned and relevant with the ebb and flow of a constantly changing landscape.

This service includes weekly press releases and social media postings to enhance your message through Breakin’Out® Blastand Breakin’Out® SocialPress™. These services provide phenomenal reach with over 1.4 million international and domestic journalists and media outlets as well as one billion influential social profiles.

An incredible opportunity to precisely target your branded message.

We enhance marketing efforts you already have in place. 

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